Natural Extracts
ДНК Strand


HCL - USP 37

D-Glucosamine sulfate

2KCL  -USP37

D-Glucosamine sulfate 2NaCL  USP 37

N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine       USP 37

Natural Extracts

ДНК Strand

Decaffeinated Tea Polyphenol

Different grades of products, the ingredient range are as follows:

Tea polyphenols: 40%~98%  Catechin: 20%~85% EGCG: 6%~70% Caffeine: 0.5% Min

The general grade tea polyphenol containing caffeine are also available

Green Tea Extract

ДНК Strand

Extract from Green Tea

Only LEGAL manufacturer in China

Different grades of products:

USP 31, or 80-96%Min as per customer’s requirement.

Natural Caffeine

ДНК Strand

High ORAC Value     High Water Solubility

Different grades of products

95% OPCs,  95%Polyphenol 

Grape Seed Extract

ДНК Strand

Green, Safety, High Sweetness, Low Calorie, Health Care, Stable

Common Stevia 90%, 95%, 98%

No Bitter Aftertaste ST 80%, ST 90%

High Rebaudioside A 40%, 60%, 95%, 98%


ДНК Strand

We offer 11 different grades of products

24/6,  24/6/5,  24/6/1,  27/7/5,  27/7/1 

Gingko Biloba Extract

Natural Extract
Natural Extract
Natural Extract
Natural Extract
Natural Extract
Natural Extract
ДНК Strand

 High-quality Oil / Powder

is available

Natural Vitamin E  

ДНК Strand

Botanical name:
lucidum L

Part used:
Mushrrom,fungus,fungi,fruit body,mycelium

Active ingredients:
Polysaccarides 10%-50% Triterpenoid 1%-6%

Reishi Mushroom Extract

ДНК Strand

Natural / Synthesis Origin


Natural Extract
Natural Extract
Natural Extract